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Michael Wolf

wpServiceAgent.com does away with payment of expensive hourly rates. We provide you with exactly defined WordPress services at fixed package prices. That makes extensive tenders and proposals obsolete and prevents unpleasent scope discussions.

Michael, agent no. 1 of wpServiceAgent.com

WordPress services
at fixed package prices
with a personal agent

WordPress services as fixed packages

You find that payment on an hourly basis is too expensive and risky? You do, however, not want to create complicated requests for tenders? We offer WordPress services in pre-defined packages at fixed prices. The descriptions of our service-packages leave no room for interpretation. It is exactly defined, what you get when and how, which input you need to deliver and what costs you will be facing. You can expect delivery within 48 hours after order confirmation (if not stated otherwise)! A fair deal for both - client and agent.

Fixed prices in exchange for pre-defined service!

At wpServiceAgent.com there are no hidden costs. All offered prices are fixed prices and include the value added tax already. Some of the services will be fulfilled with the help of professional WordPress plugins. In such cases you will purchase the plugin license along with the service at our low-cost rates - the costs for licenses are already included in the service package price! Of course you will receive an invoice, so you can deduct the services from your taxes.

One service package - one personal agent

Communication is performed via phone, e-mail or chat only in English - this avoids misunderstandings. Every agent knows his/her services packages by heart and will be able to answer all your related questions. Should you still get stuck for whatever reason, you may contact us directly at any time.